Yum!! Nothing like an amazing breakfast to start the day off right. I would definitely recommend skipping breakfast at your hotel, even if it is a little less convenient. Getting the chance to experience the local food and the atmosphere is just to great a chance to miss out on. After touring a local bakery that made our breakfast our group went off to visit a local company, CSM Global. It was an eye opening experience to say the least. After listening to a few lectures and touring the facilities, I really grasped how ‘global minded’ Germany is. There were people from all over the world working together and creating amazing new items.

Bakery we had breakfast at!

The discovery of the day was that in Germany people only drink Mineral water, if they drink water at all. It was a little odd and hard to get used too especially since I love water. So just be prepared for this if you travel here; you will either get mineral water with or without bubbles(carbonation) with meals. After having spent only two days in Germany so far, I would still recommend going on a study abroad on a faculty trip if you don’t have a grasp of the language. It can be pretty frustrating trying to convey what you want or need with the language barrier and having several German speakers in our group has made the experience easier and has helped everyone to pick up a bit of the language faster.

One last tip: don’t be afraid to ask for directions. If you get lost or turned around don’t panic. We got lost when trying to find a restruant tonight and a small group of us were cut off from the German speakers in our group. All you need to do if find the right person to ask. We chose a hotel that we stumbled upon while walking around. The receptionist was very helpful and was able to point us in the right direction!

We located to a new town this afternoon and have already begun exploring (or getting lost..ha). Tomorrow we are off to the German equivalent of the USDA to tour their facilities and learn more about regualtions. Afterwards we will then be going on a tour of Detmond by a local with connections to KSU!!


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