Deinstag – Detmold

In Detmold today we found a great place to spend exploring the afternoon away: LWL Freilichtmuseum or LWL open-air museum. The LWL was an amazing collection of over 100 barns, windmills and other buildings located on over 220 acres. Many of the buildings have been relocated from their original homes and moved to Detmold to showcase the vast changes in milling over the centuries. If you love history, this is the place to go. You could enjoy a horse drawn carriage ride through the grounds, several cafes, and of course the views. One of the locals told us that we could spend the entire day there and still have more to see and explore! Going in the midmorning would be the ideal time because we went in the late afternoon and most of the shops and other services were closing down. It was a relatively inexpensive attraction and a great way to spend the afternoon!

Old Time Mill

Another great attraction in Detmold is the Strates-brauhaus. It is a local brewery that is located in the second oldest building in town! The food there is outstanding and you get to experience the great local culture and atmosphere. It is one of the most highly recommended places to go to for a great meal and plenty of good times! With its laid back atmosphere, we spent over three hours eating dinner tonight and were actually considered ‘early leavers’ when we paid our tabs and left!! Oh, on the topic of food, don’t go into a sit down restaurant and expect to be eating your food in less than half an hour. Here, it is all about the experience of your meal, hanging out and chatting with the people you are with and just having a good time!

Experiencing the differences in how people spend their day is one of the aspects I like most about being in a new country. If you want to get a feel for the people, just go find a bench to sit on or park to sit in and watch what happens around you. On our way to dinner every night, we almost always end up in a discussion over the difference between locals and foreigners especially Americans. You can always tell the difference between the two. For instance, we tend to walk fast no matter where we are going and we wear tennis shoes. Locals, however, tend to walk at a leisurely pace and enjoy the scenery around themselves. I have yet to see someone not in my travel group in what we consider casual, everyday tennis shoes. Little observations like that are fun to notice and really give you a feel for how different our cultures are and for ideas on how to get more in tune with the local setting!

Rail and Bus Station

While staying in Detmold, we only drove when absolutely necessary. It is a small enough city that we can get anywhere within a short walk of 20-30 minutes. If you come to Detmold and want to stay close to downtown but not down in town I would highly recommend the Hotel Brechmann. Every room that someone was in for our trip was great with plenty of space, free wireless internet in the rooms, a good breakfast, and a perfect location. It is next to the bus and train station so if you want to take a trip somewhere it is very easy to walk across the street and buy a ticket. Downtown Detmold is also only a short walk away though there are plenty of cool things to do right around the corner including a visit to the KaiserKeller, a jazz club.

Anyway, tonight is our last night here in Detmold, tomorrow we are off to Hamburg!! I can’t wait to see what an even bigger city has in store for us!


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