Mittwoch – Wednesday

Today started off with a short drive to Hamburg! Before leaving, a few of us ventured out and found a great local bakery to grab some breakfast. Once we hit the city limits of Hamburg it was like being thrown into a whole different world. The city is very fast paced but maintains an at home feel at the same time. We made a brief stop at ‘Energy Hill’, a converted waste dump now turned clean energy facility, and had learned more about the city’s efforts to move towards greener energy practices. If you are in Hamburg and have an hour or so to spare I would swing by this place; it provides a great chance to learn more about local history and Germany’s current power dilemma.

New Wind Turbine on Energy Hill

After getting an introduction to Hamburg’s energy practices we visited Kampffymeyer Food Innovation GmbH, after having an amazing lunch of course! We stopped at what we thought was a normal German restaurant and were in for a treat as it was actually a German/Portugal style eatery! This just goes to show that you never what you will find when exploring!

At Kampffymeyer we learned about the up and coming food technologies that are hitting the market. It was an eye-opening experience for me as I had no idea the amount of work that goes into making our foodstuffs in today’s world.


After a full day we went in search of a place to spend the night and ended up in an amazing youth hostel called Generation Hostel – Hamburg. This hostel provided dorm style rooms as well as private rooms and had a café downstairs for guest convenience. The hostel was located in a great area for shopping and investigating the local scene!

Tomorrow we are off to a new city after visiting one of Germany’s finest machine manufacturing companies, Kahl. It should be another busy day filled with new discoveries!


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