Donnerstag – Thursday

After an interesting breakfast at the hostel, we headed off in search of Kahl’s headquarters. It took a few wrong turns and a couple of guesses but eventually we made our way to their facility. We went on a tour of several of their machine manufacturing buildings and learned a ton of information about what types of machines they make and what they are used for!

If you are going to go on a solo study abroad trip, I would highly recommend talking with your major advisor and other faculty to see if they can put you in contact with people in industry in the places you are planning on visiting. For most of the companies that we visted on this trip, someone at KSU had a contact within the company that made tours and lectures possible. So if you are going alone, this might also be a big help as the companies often provided us with recommendations for housing, sites to visit, and places to eat!

After spending the morning at the Kahl headquarters, we then started an afternoon tour of the Hamburg harbor. We were given a private tour of several coffee and cocoa bean storage faculties. The amount of cocoa beans being stored in one room was astounding! We learned a lot about the coffee trading business as well about commodity trading in Germany. A visit to the Hamburg harbor region is a must if you are in the city! The harbor is full of ships of all kinds: cruise liners, storage tankers, sailboats, steamboats and skiffs. I would highly recommend a harbor boat tour if you don’t mind getting a little wet! The pilot was able to give us an up-close look at the vessels and provide us with fun facts about Hamburg and the harbor.

Hamburg Harbor View Cityscape

After spending an afternoon out in the sun, I was remembering all the items I forgot to pack. Take my advice; no matter where you are visiting always take sunscreen and aloe vera even if the weather is supposed to be mild and cloudy. There is nothing worse than being four days into a trip and already having to deal with sunburn.

Anyway after another long day spent learning more about the milling industry we headed off to a new town. We are staying in a castle where the oldest rooms date back to the 1200s! We arrived after dark and haven’t got to see much of the property yet but so far everything has been nice and hopefully tomorrow will be less hectic and there will be time to explore!


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