Frietag – Friday

Wow, what an amazing end to our first week here in Germany!! After spending the night in the castle and having a delicious breakfast at its’ restaurant we set off for visit the German Milling School. I learned a lot about how the German school system works and how it differs from the U.S. For instance, did you know that in Germany many people don’t continue on to a univesity but rather have apprenticeships and then can go on to more advanced technical schools?

We were able to sit down and talk with some of the students from the school and it was great to hear what they think about our school system and how the two systems were different. I have to admit though, I was stumped when asked how to explain what exactly my major is to someone who has never heard of such a thing as animal science!

After spending the morning chatting with our new friends we headed off to a different part of Braunschweig. Also an intersting side note, I was told today that what I thought were small towns were all actually very spread out parts of Braunschweig, the city we are staying in. That threw me off a little because there were times where we drove through nothing but fields between the ‘towns’ but somehow they are all connected.

Street Sign

On the subject of driving, I would definitely take the time to look up German street signs and the like if you are planing on visiting and driving. I can’t even begin to list the times we got lost or made a wrong turn because we had no idea what a sign had meant or said!

We visited another nifty open air museum today that featured various types of old era mills and also wooden models of mills. It was called Mühlenmuseum Gifhorn. It was about a 50 minute drive from where we were staying but it was worth the travel time. There were over 50 different buildings for you to explore as well as an onsite bakery that featured fresh baked bread!

Old Mill

Anyway, tomorrow we are headed off to Munich for the holiday weekend. I can’t wait to see what kind of places we stumble upon there! It will be an unforgettable weekend without a shadow of a doubt!


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