Samstag – Saturday

After a super busy week of non-stop meetings, Saturday started off our three day holiday weekend! After checking out of our castle hotel we followed the owner on the autobahn to what was left of one of the old check points between east and west Germany. It was surreal to stand there and think about the desperation people felt while trying to leave East Germany only to be caught when cars were throughly inspected at the border. While the check point is not in mint condition, it is still a good place to go and see. They have pamphlets and other information in English as well as several other languages, and they have an audio-tour that you can do was well. The rest of the drive went well and the views were amazing! Driving from northern to southern Germany our scenic view varied widely.

Check point between East and West Germany

After several pit stops for food and fuel we made it to Freising! Freising is about a 45 minute train ride from Munich and offers visitors a great alternative to trying to find a hotel in the city. We went and explored the town square for dinner and ate at the local Hofbräuhaus or brewery. The food was great as usual but others in our group decided they wanted something more ‘exciting’ so they ended up at an Indian restaurant down the street. No matter what kind of food type you are looking for, you will be able to find something somewhere.

The evening went on with us all meeting up in Freising’s downtown and spent the several remaining daylight hours exploring though most of the shops where closed due to the time and day of the week. Oh! Random fact, this time of year here it seems to stay lighter much later sometimes 7-830pm. However, the sun also rises very early around 4:30 or 5am so if you need it to be dark to sleep you should bring something to cover your eyes!

Well that’s it for me for the night. Tomorrow we are going to be visiting the KZ- Gedenkstatte Dachau or the Dachau concentration camp. Later we will be taking on the train system and heading to Munich to spend the day. Here’s wishing us luck that we make it and don’t get off on the wrong train stop!!


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