Sonntag – Sunday

Wow….All I have to say is that if you are ever in Germany and feel comfortable with it you should visit on the of the WWII concentration camp memorials. It was a very enlightening thing to experience and quite a few of our group were shaken after watching a video offered by the Dachau museum.

Memorial to Unknown Prisoners

We got there right when they opened and there were very few people there so it was easier to get around and see what you wanted. The information center offered a guided audio tour for 2.5 euros if you have a student ID and it was well worth the price. The machine told you more about the various sights you encountered around the memorial as well as provided survivors accounts for you to listen too.

Walking down between the barracks

After a heavy morning, we set off to explore the inner city of Munich and visit its world famous Hofbräuhaus. The HB offered some amazing food and a fun atmosphere for those who were willing to walk around a bit looking for a table. I would say if you have time to go in if only for a little while to experience it.

Old Cathedral in Munich

Not much else went on after that. We all walked around in separate groups, each looking at different things. The group I was with just wandered around downtown and enjoyed the nice weather. It being Sunday, only restaurants were open but we did some window shopping anyway! After fighting to figure out the Munich train system we made it on the right train and had an amuzing ride home. If you visit, be prepared to encounter some serisously funny chatacters along the way 🙂

Old Building in Munich

Well that’s all here for now. Tomorrow we are splitting off into two groups; one group will visit the Eagle’s Nest and the other will venture to Neuschwanstein castles for the day. Either way should present some good photo opportunities and great views!


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