Friday, Week 2

Well, I know officially know how wheat goes from kernels to flour and the many different machines that make this transformation occur. We spent all morning and afternoon at Buhler touring their manufacturing buildings, research labs and of course their practice/training mill.

I can now say that I have stuck my hands in a roller mill (?) or some type of equipment that crushes the wheat kernels. It was exciting and a fun time to actually see the whole flour making process and to get to feel the difference in the product at the different stages of production.

During the day we had learned from our guide that a chocolate store/factory was close by. Of course, being a bunch of chocolate junkies we just had to go!! So we made a side trip after leaving Buhler to stop at Schoggi Land, the chocolate super store!! The prices were fairly cheap and everyone loaded up on some good Swiss choclate for the road since this was to our last day in the country.

Random side note, the Swiss speak what they call ‘Swiss-German’. It is similar to German but they pronounc and spell words differently so if you happen to know German, you should be able to get by here but you won’t always know what people are trying to say! Even our group leader, who is a native German, had some trouble.

Anyway, on the drive back to Germany we made a stop at Rhinefalls. It was a beautiful place to stop and take pictures. If you had time you could also visit a castle on top of the falls, or take a boat ride up to the falls and climb a rock formation in the middle of the falls. We didn’t have much time and were more concerned about finding some food so we only stayed for half an hour but if you had time I would recommend a stop here if only for the view!!


Well, we are at our final hotel of the trip in Villingen-Schwenningen, which is actually near the hometown of our group leader. After grabbing a bite to eat at a local Italian place, most of us have headed back here to catch up on some well needed sleep! Tomorrow is a bit of a free for all, so more later on what happens!

City Square Fountain in Villingen-Schwenningen


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