Tuesday, Week 2

Alright so after having a few days to wind down after  a super busy first week, on Tuesday it was back to the ‘grind’ 😉 We started off the day visiting a local university, another mill and lastly eating at the oldest brewery in the world!  It was a step filled day.. just be prepared when visiting Europe to walk a lot! And if you are visiting busniesses or universities etc be prepared for the stairs. Oh and in hotels too as a lot don’t have elevators or if they do they are often small and it is hard to fit both yourself and your luggage in them!

But stairs aside I learned a lot of fun new information today about the many different processes someone can use grain in and about the vast quantities of products that are made either using or from different grains. One thing that struck me about Munich and the surronding area was the differences in the attitudes of people there versus our bigger cities in the states. People were always taking their time going places and if they didn’t absoultely have to, they wouldn’t drive anywhere they would always walk or use public transportation. If you are going to be staying abroad for a longer period of time than just a few weeks, I would say that looking at either buying or renting a bicycle! It’s a fast, easy way to get around and there are very well marked bike lanes on virtually every road here.

Well, as usual, the food today was superb. Eating at the Weihenstephan Brewery house was a fantastic experience that I would definitely recommend. They offered highly authentic German traditional meals and had a few more modern dishes as well! Definitely a highly recommended stop if you are in the Freising area!

Weihenstephan – School Brewery

Well tomorrow we are off to Switzerland! Yay Swiss chocolate!!


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