Wednesday, Week 2

So, after a bit of a drive this morning (about 3.5hours) we finally made it to St. Gallen, Switzerland! It was a beautiful drive and we all took plenty of great scenic photos! St. Gallen is a medium sized city with around 70,000 people in residence there. It’s a college town, and is also the home to the famous Swiss Milling School.

Lake Constance

We were able to go and visit the school and learn more about how it works today as well. We met with the principle and he took us on a tour and then explained the German schooling system again. It is just fascinating to me how different out schooling systems are from each other. Anyway the school has some tight requirments for entry but is now allowing more international students to participate.

I’m not sure why I’m still surprised by this but it never ceases to amaze me how connected things are. For instance, several people from KSU have attended this school and many of the professors on my trip also know the professors at the school! It was neat to here them all reminisce about past meetings.

Getting to know students at the milling school!

We were treated to another fantastic meal by our hosts in Switzerland, Buhler. Tonight we ate at the restaurant called Candela. And was it an amazing meal…if you have a little extra time and cash, want to experience a fanastic dining experience and are in St. Gallen then you must go to this place!! I think it might have been the best food of the trip so far!!

Well, our schedule just got changed around I was told. The weather in Switzerland is a little unpredictable it seems and we are going to be visiting a mountain top observatory tomorrow instead of Friday because the weather is looking more like rain Friday now instead of tomorrow! I did notice that many locals were carrying umbrellas with them while walking around downtown today but it didn’t really make sense to me until it just starting pouring later today while we were walking to our cars!! I’m really have I brought a rain coat even if I haven’t needed on yet in the trip. It it really a good thing to have with you because you can never really count on the weather to not change on you! Sounds a little bit like Kansas weather to me!!

Well more on the mountain top experience tomorrow!!! It should be fun apparently we get to ride a tram or something to the top. More on that later!!


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