Monday: The flight home

Well, today was…draining to say the least. On top of having to get up early at 4am so that we could drive two hours to the airport, it was down-pouring! Most of us had packed our coats the night before so it was fun to see everyone scramble to get their things stowed in the van and then make a run for the front to get inside the van themselves. But by the time we arrived at the airport we were dry, if only to get wet all over again trying to unload and get into the place. But rainy day aside, the morning went off pretty well. We had fewer people going back on the same flight so it made things a little easier to get through lines, but only just. I have to comment that security at the Zurich airport was probably the best / most thorough of any airport I’ve been in. So if you fly out of that airport I would be prepared to have a little bit longer of a wait than say at the Atlanta airport. We went through ‘pre’ security before we were able to get our boarding passes and check our bags. Then we went through normal security, which seemed much more effecient here than Kansas City as we all got through in what seemed like record time! Then we had to go through passport control before being able to get into the terminal and wait for our flight.

Waiting for our connection in Atlanta! After scouting out refreshments of course!

The flight went very well, and we actually arrive an hour ahead of schedule! Again, I would pack ear plugs and keep them in an accessible place…we had a baby and toddler screaming throughout 95% of the flight so they came in handy! Anyway once we got off the plane in Atlanta it was an hour or so before we made it threw customs because their computer system was acting up. It was a good thing we had a longer layover between our flights so that we had a buffer zone. After customs and rechecking our bags, it was smooth sailing to our flight to KC.

A group of us set off in search of what we had been craving for over a week: American soda! We were successful for our hunt for Diet Dr Pepper and Mountain Dew! It was great to get back to familiar surroundings. We were over an hour late taking off because of a problem with the plane but we weren’t in a hurry so this wasn’t a problem with us as long as we got home!

Bye, Bye European Dr Pepper!

It was a long day to say the least and we were all very happy to make it back to Kansas! This was one of the most exciting and fun trips I’ve been on and I’ve made some great friends over these past few weeks. I hope everyone gets a chance at some point to experience traveling abroad. It really does open your eyes and expand your view of the world and the many unique people in it!  Until next time then!


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