Sunday, Week 2

Today was our last day in Germany 😦 But not being a group to waste time dwelling on that we set off for one last day of trouble making!! As it was our last day of the trip, it was decided that the entire day was a free day to be spent sight seeing in the Black Forest!

It was an incredible day, we started our day off with a quick photo stop at the world’s largest cuckoo clock! It was huge and honestly impressive. Unfrotunatley the shop that the clock is located in was closed at the time so we set off again with the promise of returning later in the day. Our next stop was at a glass blowing factory near Triberg. You could blow your own glass vase if you wanted and a member of our group did just that! It was pretty amazing to see the whole process from start to finish. After exploring the glass museum and shopping in the attached store we set off again for an open air museum.

Worlds Largest Cuckoo Clock!

The Vogtsbauernhof open-air museum was by far the most impressive open-air museum that we have visited on the trip. Though several of us didn’t venture into the museum we were delighted by the pictures and stores that the other provided once they had finished their tour. Those of us who decided to stay and explore the area outside the museum spent our afternoon getting in our last German-style lunch and some last minute souvenir shopping! This weekend has been the only time during our trip where is has rained constantly throughout the day; the weather was partially behind many of us choosing not to explore the museum. However, if I could get back to this area in the future I will defnifitly make this one of my stops so that I can experience the museum in, hopefully, sunshine!

Well, after spending our lunch time at the museum we set off again for a new adventure. We headed to roadside luge park we saw on the way in to the museum! Man, it was fun to go through all those twists and turns while being able to control your own speed! I would definitely say if you see one of these while you’re driving to stop and try it! It’s something you won’t forget or regret! Next we stopped in a local town to do some more shopping, while a few others went hiking through the forest.

Luge Park!

After all the hiking was finished and we were all tired of being wet, we once again headed back to the cuckoo clock store. This time it was open and we were able to see the clock in action as we made it back right on the hour! It was pretty neat to see the huge clock in action! After watching the clock, we then took an inside tour of the house that hold the clock and all its’ interworkings. Seeing all the intricate work that had to be done to piece the clock together was great and hearing more history about the clock making region was a real treat too!

Having spent the rest of our afternoon shopping away, we headed back to the hotel to pack a bit before heading to our last group dinner. It was a fun evening spent recollecting our fondest moments of the trip, as well as those were weren’t so fond of!! Then it was back to reality. Just a small hint…be prepared to spend some time repacking your checked bag for the flight home, especially if you bought a lot of stuff to bring home! I spent over two hours packing and repacking my bags before I was able to get everything settled in just right. Oh! Also, when checking a bag at the Zurich airport, your bag needs to weigh less than 23kg or you will have to pay fee for an overweight bag! A good piece of advice given to me from one of our groups seasoned travelers was to pack another smaller bag in your check on to use on your return flight as a carry on! I had never even thought of that but wish that I had, then packing wouldn’t have been such a trial!

Anyway, Monday morning brings a 4am wake up call with a 4:30am departure for the Zurich airport! It will be great to be headed back home! Not that being over in Europe and experiencing the new culture hasn’t been fun, but there are just some things you can’t help but look forward to! We made a list: Mountain Dew, Diet Dr. Pepper, ice cubes, tap water, and ceiling fans!


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